Welcome to Trips 'n Toys!

Welcome to Trips 'n Toys!

Today's New Toys: Izzy and Yikes 8 inch plush Popples

We first discovered Popples on NETFLIX a few months ago.

We were super excited by the beautiful animation and felt the story lines actually had potential, as the main character, Lulu, is a very scientifically-inclined character. While I think some stories are better than others, there is definitely a positive focus on science with topics such as robots, machines, inventions, science fairs, weather, engineering, plants, and so much more. And if you are a mother of daughters, you'll probably appreciate the female character having such a STEM-oriented approach to problem solving.

With that being said, Popples has become one of our go-to shows when we do sit down and watch television. The bright, colorful, cheerful characters are a refreshing alternative to a lot of pop culture fare available these days.

I knew I wanted to get some Popples merchandise for the kids at some point, but it honestly slipped my mind until today. When we were at WalMart, the kids found the newly arrived Popples display and talked me into bringing a few of them home with us.

Happy to oblige, we loaded Izzy and Yikes into the grocery cart, and now we have some new snuggle buddies for Ribby when she watches one of her favorite shows!

The 8 inch plush dolls are smaller than I would have preferred, but they are cheaper. I wasn't really in the market to be spending $30 on the talking models, so these soft plushies will do for us. They do roll into a ball, as did the Popples of our childhood. Me, personally, I'm a sucker for nostalgia and find myself leaning towards liking the older style better. But, I'm equally enamored by bright, pretty, happy colors, and I do admit the 21st century Popples wear their cheerfulness well.

All in all, we are excited with our new Popples! If you'd like to watch the show, it's available on NETFLIX. If you're interested in checking out any of the plush Popples we just got, feel free to click any of the links below!

Ribby loving her new Izzy and Yikes Popples!

Izzy Popple 8 inch plush

Izzy Popple 8 inch plush

Bubbles Popple 8 inch plush

Bubbles Popple 8 inch plush       

Yikes Popple 8 inch plush

Yikes Popple 8 inch plush     

Lulu Popple 8 inch plush

Lulu Popple 8 inch plush      

Sunny Popple 8 inch plush

Sunny Popple 8 inch plush

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Enjoy your new toys!

Who Has the Time??

Weekly Recap of our Adventures

This is where I wonder how in the world "travel" and "blogging" have time to go together.
We've logged about 3,000 miles this week, and at least 5,000 photos.

I have no idea how people have time to even sort through pictures to post, let alone write an informative blurb about everywhere they've been.

So, anyhoo, here is our weekly recap. I wrote it up for another site, so I thought I'd share it here, too.

Happy Travels!


Big Spring Park
Walked Downtown Huntsville
Walked Twickenham Historic District
Earlyworks Children's Museum
Alabama Constitution Village
Huntsville Depot and Museum


Chattanooga Choo Choo
Art Car Ball
Creative Discovery Museum
Pretzels and Ice Cream at Hamilton Place Mall
Raccoon Caverns - Gem, Fossil, Arrowhead Panning and Rock Scrambling
Sushi Dinner
And most importantly - PROM!!


Cumberland Mountain State Park

Coffee & Cars Auto Show

ASHEVILLE, NC (and area)

Pisgah National Forest
Little Switzerland
North Carolina Mining Museum
Bon Ami Mine Tour
Discovery Mill
Emerald Village - Museum Exhibits, Emerald and Gem Panning
Blue Ridge Parkway
Mount Mitchell State Park
Craggy Gardens National Heritage Area
The Biltmore Estate
Antler Hill Winery Tour with Premium Grape Juice Tasting Experience


Big South Fork National River & Recreation Area

Bandy Creek
Leatherwood Ford


Big South Fork NRRA
Blue Heron Coal Mine
Coal Tippple
Mine 18
Barthell Coal Mine

A Day in Huntsville, Alabama

We spent the day in Huntsville, Alabama.

Did we like it?

Was there anything fun to do?

Was it educational?



Stay tuned for the answers!

Photos to be posted SOON!

Huntsville Depot Museum - Huntsville, AL