Welcome to Trips 'n Toys!

Welcome to Trips 'n Toys!

Cumberland County Playhouse Trunk or Treat - Crossville, TN

We didn't get many pictures on Halloween itself, so I'm grateful I got some at this super cool little trick-or-treating shindig at the Cumberland County Playhouse in Crossville, TN.

If anyone knows anything about dressing up, it would definitely be the awesome actors at CCP.

If you have any interest at all in live theater, CCP is the place to be! They have some of the best resident actors you'll ever see grace the stage. And the actors they host during special productions are phenomenal talents in their field. In years past, we've gotten to know several people you might have seen on Broadway, American Idol, Dancing With the Stars, and other soap operas, television shows, and movies. Talk about Celebrity Status!

I'm sure I'll write more on this entertainment staple in other posts, but suffice it to say when I heard CCP was hosting a Halloween event, I knew we HAD to be there!

Trick-or-treating was set up out front. Kids proceeded from table to table to collect their goodies from all the CCP folks in fully costumed awesomeness. After you were done with that, there were activities inside the playhouse to be enjoyed. Inside the lobby, they had craft activities and face painting. In the main theater, there was a giant bouncy house on the large stage. In the Adventure Theater was a pretty terrifying haunted house that the girls still talk about to this day.

All in all, this event was loads of fun, and we look forward to joining them again next year!

So, without further ado, here are Stitch, Jack Septic Eye, and Chloe Price (from Life is Strange)

And our favorite little Scare Crow Cutie!

Ramsey Farm - Clarkrange, TN

We needed more pumpkins!

Between painting, carving, and baking, we went through a TON of pumpkins this season!

Cream City - Cookeville, TN

Any town that has a Historic District named after an ice cream store is A-OK in my book!

I don't know the history of Cream City, but I know the place there now is pretty awesome!

It's got a laid back coffee shop type atmosphere with comfy couches and chalkboard-topped tables. The kids love to pick from the many flavors they offer, and then grace the tables with their artistic masterpieces.

In addition to ice cream, you've got a variety of hot drinks, sodas, and a few snacks like hot dogs.

Two of our favorite flavors are the Dulce de Leche Cheesecake and the Mexican Chocolate.

I'm not sure what your favorite is, but I'll bet Cream City has it!

Cookeville Depot Museum - Cookeville, TN

One of our favorite places to hang out when we're in the area!

The museum itself is small, but packs a lot of informative exhibits and information into the historic train station. Outside, there are several train cars, including an engine and a caboose. There are a few other pieces of equipment that are open and available for the kids to enjoy. The Depot exhibits are very hands-on, and their staff is quite friendly.

If you've got a little one that loves trains, check out the Cookeville Depot Museum!

It's in the Cream City Historic District, which means yummy ice cream is right across the street!

Fruit & Berry Patch - Knoxville, TN

The Fruit & Berry Patch in Knoxville, Tennessee is a fun little place.

If you go during the week, you just drive your own vehicle around through their multiple orchards to hand-pick the seasonal fruit of your choice.

If you attend on the weekend or with a large group, they operate hay rides into the orchards throughout the day. 

We tend to visit most frequently during fall. We go for the amazing selection of pumpkins and apples. And that's when you can check out the corn maze. It's small, and the kids can run right through it in just a few minutes, but, hey, it's FREE!

The prices on pumpkins can run a little higher than what you'll find in, say, Walmart, but the range of varieties and sizes is unparalleled.

Inside their store, so much fun can be had!

One year, we bought 3 of each kind of apple they sold, and went home and had an "Apple Tasting" where we tried a slice of each and compared taste and texture to figure out which ones were our favorites. There were about two dozen different kinds from which to choose!

They have hot and cold cider, fruit slushies in 3 different flavors, fried pies, and a variety of other baked goods and warm and cold drinks.
The family that runs the Fruit & Berry Patch is a super nice group of folks. The gentleman at the shop will make sure you leave a satisfied customer, and return season after season!

I'm less familiar with their offerings during Spring and Summer, but be sure to check their website out at The Fruit & Berry Patch for their updated Harvest Schedule.

The current listing is as follows, but may be subject to change:
EARLY THORNLESS BLACKBERRIES                                  LATE JUNE - JULY
      BLUEBERRIES                                                                          LATE JUNE - AUGUST
      PEACHES                                                                                  LATE JUNE - AUGUST
      LATE THORNLESS BLACKBERRIES                                     MID-JULY - AUGUST
      GRAPES                                                                                     LATE JULY- LATE AUGUST
      APPLES                                                                                      LATE JUNE -MARCH
      APPLE CIDER                                                                            ALL YEAR
      SWEET CORN                                                                           LATE JULY - MID-SEPTEMBER
      PUMPKINS & FALL DECORATIONS                                     OCTOBER
      HONEY & SORGHUM SYRUP                                                 ALL YEAR
      FRUIT SLUSHES                                                                        MAY - NOVEMBER
      FRIED PIES, APPLE BUTTER, ETC.                                        ALL YEAR 

The Fruit & Berry Patch
4407 McCloud Rd.
Knoxville, TN 37938