Welcome to Trips 'n Toys!

Welcome to Trips 'n Toys!

Rock Island State Park (Round Two) - Rock Island, TN

Rock Island State Park was such an amazing place, we had to come back twice in one week.

On the first trip, the kids had started building a fort out of driftwood, but we got chased off the beach by a pretty strong storm. Today, we came back, and not only was the fort still there, but someone had actually built more to it!  It was pretty awesome! The kids added even more, and then Trillian constructed a door with found sticks and tied it together with some stray rope.

On this trip we had a chance to check out Spring Castle and the Great Falls Mill and Overlook.
We were also able to hike down to the Twin Falls Overlook and Trillian and Logan scaled down the rock wall and scrambled over the massive collection of rocks and boulders until they were standing in the mist of the massive falls. Trillian is in the photos of the falls below, but you'll have to look closely to find her!

I will probably add more later to this post, but I wanted to get some of the newer photos posted tonight!

If you are ever in or around Central Tennessee, you won't want to miss this place! A lot of people come to the area to visit Fall Creek Falls, and Rock Island is only about 30 minutes away!

Easter Fun 2016

Easter is always a special time around our house. The bunny leaves colorful baskets with yummy chocolates and awesome toys! He hides over 400 eggs, spread out across our 4 wooded acres. The kids get fantastic loot, but they have to work for it! It's a great morning for everyone as our family creates sweet new memories!

This year, I think, was extra special because Ribby is at the perfect age where everything is magical and she can figure out on her own how to navigate finding goodies. Watching her toddle through the yard, down the trails, over the bridge, and under the trees to find eggs was so adorable! 

Easter Slug!

Easter Slug!

Easter Frog!