Welcome to Trips 'n Toys!

Welcome to Trips 'n Toys!

Le Toy Van Honeybake Collection - Carlo's Gelato Playset

As soon as I saw this precious toy, I knew it had to be a part of Ribby's bakery-slash-sweet-shoppe-themed play room.

Le Toy Van has a GREAT reputation for producing bright, beautiful, high-quality creative toys. And this toy is definitely at the top of their offerings.

While it's not huge, it's definitely not too small. I've included some pictures of this toy in play with a few stuffed animals, including regular sized Build-a-Bear animals for your size reference.

The description here says you get 3 ice creams. We've always considered the third one more of a cupcake, but I suppose it could have been designed to serve as ice cream in a cup instead of a cone. I suppose that makes more sense figuring it is a gelato set, but I just let the kids use it as they choose to perceive it. And for us, that usually makes it a cupcake!

This set comes with:

Two ice cream cones, each made of 3 pieces. One is a cone, a scoop of pink raspberry colored ice cream, and then an orange layer with a cherry on top. The other is a cone, a chocolate scoop, and then a mint chocolate scoop. They are all interchangeable.

You also get the ice cream in a cup/cupcake, that is also 3 pieces. It has a green bottom with two pink layers, one with a yellow top.

Also included are two bottles of sauce, one chocolate and one raspberry. 

And a spoon. (Which is not shown in my pics)

All of these pieces slide on and off wooden pegs like little shape stackers and are interchangeable, although they do tend to fit together better the way they were intended. I think the company could have made a little more effort to make them function fully when the pieces are mixed and matched, but there is definitely room to be creative.

All together, the pieces fit onto the festively-colored wooden dessert tier. And when they do, the entire thing is just as cute as it can be! 

Whether your child has a play kitchen, or just adores food-themed toys, this one is a top-quality piece that is sure to please! As beautiful as it is sweet, you'll be glad you added this to your collection!

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