Welcome to Trips 'n Toys!

Welcome to Trips 'n Toys!

Trips 'n Toys Wishlist: 33 Delicious Desserts & Sweets Wooden Toys

We love all kinds of trips...  And all kinds of toys.

But there are a few categories we are super passionate about.

So, you might see me keeping a few Wish List style posts lying around for some of these individual categories. And you will likely see us adding to these lists on a regular basis.

Whether these posts are merely for personal use, or whether they can inspire another family, or at least help someone in their research, I'm not sure yet; but hopefully they will be useful to some degree out here in digital wonderland!

And on that note...

Trips 'n Toys Wishlist: Desserts & Sweets Wooden Toys

1.  Le Toy Van Wooden Petit Fours

It's a small set, but they are adorable. We own just enough Le Toy Van sets to know how amazingly awesome they are, but not enough to still need more!!

Le Toy Van Wooden Petits Fours

2.  Le Toy Van Wooden Ice Lollies

These are a non-negotiable must-have for our Hape Ice Cream Emporium. We cannot live without these much longer!

Le Toy Van Wooden Ice Lollies

3.  Le Toy Van Wooden Ice Cream Sundae

We. Need. This.

Le Toy Van Wooden Ice Cream Sundae

4. BeeSmart Wooden Cakes and Biscuits - 12 Piece Set

This is something new I've just seen tonight, but they deserve an immediate spot on the list. They look a little smaller than most of the cupcake type toys we have now, so I'm thinking the kids will treat some of these as if they are little Valentine's Day Candies. Part of Ribby's Bakery is decorated with all of our decorative Valentine's Day Boxes, so no matter what the size, these will be an AWESOME addition to our playroom!!

BeeSmart Wooden Cakes and Biscuits - 12 Piece Set

5. Mousehouse Gifts Traditional Wooden Cake Stand with Cakes & Treats

This one is super cute! We especially love the bright, shiny colors!

Mousehouse Gifts Traditional Wooden Cake Stand 

6.  Djeco Box of 6 Macaroons

Don't let the mixed reviews fool you. All of the complaints are people who ordered these because they thought they were actual macaroons to eat. I guess that's a solid indicator they are pretty realistic!

7. KidKraft Wooden Ice Cream Sundae Set

You can't go too far wrong with KidKraft products. This one reminds me of a 50's Diner.

8.  Sophia's Popsicles & Ice Cream Bars

This is another great addition to the Hape Ice Cream Emporium that I can't wait to order! Doesn't that watermelon just look SOOO refreshing!

9.  Sophia's Dessert Stand with Treats

10.  Emily Rose 8 Piece Cookie Tray

11.  Emily Rose 8 Piece Cupcake Tower

12. Vilac Wooden Pastries

13. Djeco Pastry Playset

Djeco Pastry Playset

14. Mother Garden Ice Cream Set

Mother Garden Ice Cream Set

15.  Tidlo High Tea Shape Matching Set

Tidlo High Tea Shape Matching Set

16.  Le Toy Van Honeybake Wooden Cookie Set

Le Toy Van Honeybake Wooden Cookie Set

17.  Le Toy Van Biscuit & Plate Set

Le Toy Van Biscuit & Plate Set

18.  Sophia's Cupcake Set

Sophia's Cupcake Set

19.  Bloomby Kalia's Sweet Cupcake Set

Bloomby Kalia's Sweet Cupcake Set

20.  Hape Birthday Cake Set

Hape Birthday Cake Set

21.  Le Toy Van Honeybake Vanilla Birthday Cake

Le Toy Van Honeybake Vanilla Birthday Cake

22.  KidKraft Pink Tiered Celebration Cake

KidKraft Pink Tiered Celebration Cake

23.  Sophia's Happy Birthday Cake Set

Sophia's Happy Birthday Cake Set

24.  Plan Toys Cake Set

Plan Toys Cake Set

Plan Toys Cupcakes & Swiss Rolls Set

26.  Discoveroo Patisserie Tea Set

Discoveroo Patisserie Tea Set

27.  Hape Playfully Delicious Dessert Tower

Hape Playfully Delicious Dessert Tower

28.  Voila Pastry Set

Voila Pastry Set

29.  Stephen Joseph Wooden Sweet Set

**PURCHASED 4/28/16

Currently on Amazon at $13.57

Regular Price is $29.99 - $43.99

Stephen Joseph Wooden Sweet Set

30.  ALEX Toys Wooden Sweets Bar

ALEX Toys Wooden Sweets Bar

31.  Mooshka Tea Party Set

Mooshka Tea Party Set

32.  Toyland Wooden Ice Cream Lollies

This one isn't my favorite. We're bigger fans of brighter colors. But the ice creams look like they would be awesome in our Hape Ice Cream Emporium. It's a little expensive for the set, but you get a lot of pieces for the price.

Toyland Wooden Ice Cream Lollies

33.  MaMaMeMo Wooden Cupcakes

These are SOOO cute. I want them! But this is one of those crazy price things on Amazon. I'm positive these 4 cupcakes, no matter how cute they are, are not worth $55. I will definitely keep my eye on the price, though!

MaMaMeMo Wooden Cupcakes           

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