Welcome to Trips 'n Toys!

Welcome to Trips 'n Toys!

Heart of the City Playground - Cookeville, TN

Recently constructed in the northwest corner of Dogwood Park in downtown Cookeville, Tennessee, is the Heart of the City Playground. This 12,000 square foot play area was built with 100% volunteer labor, and subsidized largely on donations.

It is an "all-inclusive" playground, and the play structures are designed specifically to allow specially-abled children to join in on the fun! The larger play structures have ramps, there are supportive swings, and even the merry go round is built into the ground to allow easy and safe wheelchair access. How cool is that?

As far as play structures go, this place is pretty frickin' awesome.

We've been twice this week already. The kids can't get enough.

Sometimes you get the place to yourself, sometimes it gets pretty busy. If you attend this playground, be a responsible patron and supervise your children. Help them be respectful and follow the rules. There are children of all ages and abilities enjoying themselves here, so use the equipment properly and be kind to those around you.

The grand opening on this facility is scheduled for Mid-March. They still have a few details to polish off before then, such as installing more trash cans; and I hope more people decide to use them. The facility itself is impeccably clean and it shows, but I see lots of moms leaving behind water bottles, McDonald's bags, and dirty diapers. There ARE trash cans at the exit. Please use them. Personal carelessness definitely distracts from this gem of a playground.

The remaining capital funds raised by donation are going to be used for a restroom facility closer to the playground itself. If I had to make one primary criticism, it would definitely be that the bathroom is a bit of an uphill hike, particularly if you have young children, kids in the process of potty training, or people in your party with urinary control issues.

This playground is a fantastic addition to the City of Cookeville. The potential for creative and active play is endless! Children in the Upper Cumberland, or those just passing through, should definitely check out Dogwood Park, and enjoy an afternoon in the Heart of the City Playground!


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