Welcome to Trips 'n Toys!

Welcome to Trips 'n Toys!

A Brand New Day!

I'm so excited that I finally finished up the albums from our Florida 2011 vacation!

That journey took us down the Gulf Coast of Florida, across the deepest parts of the Everglades, all the way into the Florida Keys, including 3 days in the Dry Tortugas; and then back up the Atlantic Coast of Florida and into Savannah, Georgia before we headed home.

I logged a total of about 95 posts on this trip. At this moment, it's mostly photography, but I still add more commentary, anecdotes, and reviews to these same posts as often as I can.

These posts can be found by clicking here:  Both Florida Coasts, The Keys, and the Dry Tortugas

Or cut right to the chase with:     Key West with Kids   *   The Dry Tortugas   *   The Florida Keys

I might eventually take a stab at writing in an article format; but I just want to make sure any articles I author would be fun and inspirational, and not coming across as bossy and limiting. I'm here to share our stories, but I'm not the type that wants to tell you how you MUST create your own adventures.  It's all about letting YOUR path lead YOU as you feel moved!

In the mean time, the next round of posts I'm adding are from a 7 week cross-country adventure into Southern Utah, and then over to San Diego and back to Tennessee.  There are some fun things along that journey, for sure, so I hope you will check back on our progress as we get those up for your viewing pleasure.

Follow these posts as they are added at: 7 Weeks Out to Southern Utah, San Diego, and Back!

I've got some medical procedures over the next few weeks that are going to prevent a whole lot of real time travels from happening and being posted; but I'll work as steady as I can at filling in some awesome adventures we've already logged.

And by Spring or Summer, hopefully we'll be geared up for another awesome extended "vacation" on which you all can join us!

I'm so excited to be picking up so many readers, and from so many different countries!

Thank you all for checking out Trips 'n Toys!

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Safe travels to you all!

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