Welcome to Trips 'n Toys!

Welcome to Trips 'n Toys!

Dairy Bar - Whitley City, KY

We stopped for a fun little lunch and a special dessert at the Dairy Bar in Whitley City, Kentucky.

I'd been here once before, after spending the day driving all kinds of crazy backroads through Tennessee and Kentucky. I never thought I'd find it again, but with the power of the internets, anything is possible. And with the power of GPS, you realize it's only a couple blocks off the main highway through town, US127, and NOT a million miles from civilization.

This 50's style diner is nothing fancy, but the selection of hamburgers, hot dogs, plate lunches, and desserts is inexpensive and they all taste yummy!

Bear had a Dixie Burger, which was a double cheeseburger, with a bun "toasted to perfection" in her exact words. I had a hamburger steak, served with Texas toast and cole slaw to die for. I normally don't even LIKE cole slaw, let alone love it...  But this stuff was dreamy.  Ogie just had a hot dog, and Trillian opted for a regular cheeseburger. We all split a couple orders of fries and some mozzarella sticks.

And you can't NOT have dessert in a place with desserts drawn all over the windows. So, us gals split a Banana Split, and Ogie had a vanilla swirl cone.

We enjoyed the 50's tunes, and the window art added to the overall ambiance. If you're looking for an authentic diner experience that won't break the bank, and you happen to be in this little slice of Kentucky, check out The Dairy Bar!

After all, it was not only enjoyed by Trips 'n Toys, but the folks at Southern Living Magazine recommend it, too!

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