Welcome to Trips 'n Toys!

Welcome to Trips 'n Toys!

Rock Climbing at Obed Wild and Scenic River - Wartburg, TN

Some days you just wake up and want to try something so far out of your comfort zone you later wonder what the heck you were thinking.  

We've scaled many a canyon wall out in the deserts of Utah, but this was our first foray into actual rock climbing with all of the equipment. 

Unfortunately, rock climbing is not a winter sport. Not for us any how...  It was just too cold to get a good grip on the rocks and we didn't last very long or get as high as we were hoping.

All in all, it was loads of fun, albeit just enough hard work to necessitate the whole "what was I thinking" exasperation during a few of the tough parts...  And I'm pretty sure there was some foul language shouted by the time we got back to the parking lot. But, hey, if there isn't any profanity involved, you haven't tried your hardest! 

Want to give it a shot? The Obed Wild and Scenic River offers amazing climbing, as well as world class rapids. People come from all corners of the planet to partake of each of these thrill sports. You can come with your own equipment and enjoy all mother nature has to offer here any time on your own.

Or, if you are a beginner like us, consider the Climbing with a Ranger Program offered the first Saturday of each month. All equipment, including shoes, harnesses, helmets, and ropes, as well as coffee and a Ranger Spotter, is provided to you, free of charge. Just wear comfortable clothing and meet at the Lilly Bridge at 11am Eastern Time. If you follow signs to the Climbing Area, you can drop in any time before 2pm. 

Ranger Matt and the team are AWESOME! They were great with encouraging the kids. Safety is a top priority for everyone involved, but as they say, the most dangerous part of climbing is the drive to get to the park. 

I will say, though, the hike up to the cliffs may be very short, but it's definitely not an "easy" hike. Negotiating backpacks, equipment, and a toddler proved to be a little strenuous for me. Ribby normally does most of her own hiking, but the drop offs are steep and the path unforgiving, so I did carry her for this one. Just be mindful of loose rocks and a tangle of tree roots, and you'll probably get there quicker than we did!

We had a great morning enjoying the massive sandstone bluffs, but the cold weather definitely hampered our progress. We WILL be back when it warms up! See ya there!    

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