Welcome to Trips 'n Toys!

Welcome to Trips 'n Toys!

Duke Energy Children’s Museum - Cincinnati, OH

Duke Energy Children’s Museum

1301 Western Avenue,
Ohio 45203
"Endless Opportunities For Creative Play!"

The Duke Energy Children's Museum is one of the 3 museums inside the Cincinnati Museum Center, housed in the historic Union Terminal. The building itself is absolutely gorgeous. Try to make a day or two out of all of the museums if you are able to do so. They are all fantastic!

My suggestion if you visit another museum on the same day as the Children's Museum, do the other museum first. Your kids will never want to leave the children's museum! This is definitely a drag-them-out-at-closing-time-and-not-one-second-sooner sort of place. But, that also means, they'll have had so much they'll sleep soundly that night, for sure!

This kids' museum is not the largest you'll probably ever visit, but it's jam-packed with all sorts of creative endeavors to be had.

You've got an entire miniature town, complete with fully stocked grocery store, vet clinic, diner, post office, car racing area, a house with baby dolls, a construction zone, and so much more.

Ball pit? Check! But, it's not just a ball pit, it's an Energy Zone! Individual stations within a complex machine operate together to keep the balls moving. Your kids will be sure to break a sweat learning about energy, simple machines, physics, mechanics, engineering, and even teamwork!

Water play? Yes! All kinds of scientific concepts can be explored through splashing around, filling, pouring, building bridges, constructing locks and dams, and even engaging in introductory concepts to learn about hydroelectricity, the water cycle, and even more!

There is a dedicated farm-themed area for younger kids with slides, sand tables, and lots of fruits and veggies to grow and harvest!

Not sold yet? How about a 3 story forest-themed climbing structure? Complete with climbing walls, rope bridges, and slides! Discover fossils, animals, and look out below for live fish and other river wildlife!

The play structure is HUGE! And handicapped accessible! Parents are welcome to explore along with their kids.

Other facilities include changing tables, nursing areas, and quiet zones. If you are local, you can check out books from the library.

Check the website or just get lucky to find different scheduled activities throughout the day. There is a regular story time for toddlers in the farm area. They often have a mix of guided or self-guided art activities or science exploration available on an open, on-going basis. One time, we learned about "Ugly Jugs" and had a chance to create and paint pots in this Old Appalachian style. The kids loved this!

This is a great children's museum for kids of all ages. It's an excellent way to finish off a visit to the History Museum or the Natural History & Science Museum, or even checking out one of the several IMAX showings available.

Or, come, and make a day of the Duke Energy Children's Museum by itself! Either way, this place is well worth the trip. Your family will enjoy it, for sure!

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