Welcome to Trips 'n Toys!

Welcome to Trips 'n Toys!

Carriage Ride Through Colonial Era Philadelphia - Philadelphia, PA

Granted, we're new to travel blogging, and I am expressly NOT interested in being a "luxe" traveler, per se; but, even at that, the words "budget" and "cheap" are thrown around so much, that it really kills so many chances for your kids to get intimate personal experiences with the places they visit.

Sometimes I think the appreciation of history in any given area is one of the quickest elements to gloss over, in exchange for an activity that is instead modern and exciting, or, even worse, free or cheap.

We're not always budget-fortunate enough to take a carriage ride through every city we visit, but when we can, we most definitely do. And they tend to be some of the fondest memories we forge along each vacation we take.

For a minimal investment of time, cash, and a generous tip, you are getting a slow-paced, personalized experience, complete with illustrious narration and an intimate exchange of personable conversation.

History truly comes alive to the beat of hooves along your path, be they cobblestoned remnants of yesteryear, or even through the modern streets taking over the stories of our past.

If you want to engage yourself in history, climb aboard a carriage, and let your horse and driver transport you through the years long gone, but never forgotten....

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