Welcome to Trips 'n Toys!

Welcome to Trips 'n Toys!

Sweet 16!

When you're not ready to do the whole car and license thing on your kid's 16th birthday, it gets a little trickier to think of something that will create memories that stand the test of time. After all, a 16th birthday is a very special milestone in a girl's life and should be celebrated as such.

I'm very fortunate that I have raised 4 wonderful, humble, and modest children, and my oldest in particular doesn't ask much at all. So she chose to spend her special day with her best friend.

We originally planned on taking the girls to Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg for a day of shopping, hanging out, and eating some yummy goodies...  But, Mother Nature was not a happy camper that day, and it poured NON-STOP.

So, instead we ended up in the Knoxville area. The girls did their shopping at the West Town Mall, and then we ate lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. After all, what could be yummier than CHEESECAKE?

After our meal, we got the waiter in on the deal, and he brought Bear a VERY special dessert.

Happy Birthday, Baby Bear!

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