Welcome to Trips 'n Toys!

Welcome to Trips 'n Toys!

Cloudland Canyon State Park - Rising Fawn, GA

Georgia seems to have missed the memo that it's supposed to be winter. And what does that mean? Hiking!

It was a little chilly, hence Bibby's mildly unamused expression, but we really did have a good time.

Cloudland Canyon is in the Northwesternmost corner of Georgia. It is part of the Georgia State Park System. The feature of the park is its rugged, yet absolutely breathtaking, geology on the western edge of Lookout Mountain.

Looking over the Canyon is as simple as parking near the Interpretive Center (open seasonally, NOT in winter, even if it's not cold and there's a bazillion people there) and walking the easy paved trail.

Amazing vistas can be found anywhere along the trail. If you walk all the way down the hill, you come to a viewing platform that offers a canyon view with less tree obstruction.

If you're up for going down, 600 stairs to be exact, and back up again, with a total round trip hike of 2 miles, there are two waterfalls that, according to other people's photos, look quite stunning. We didn't do the falls on this trip, but I'd certainly like to at some point.

My mom has been wanting to camp in a Yurt. They seem to be the latest trend in camping, and Cloudland Canyon has quite a few. They also have cabins, campgrounds, and walk-in tent sites.

With plenty of hiking opportunities, picnic areas, the Interpretive Center, playground facilities, and the simple glory of Mother Nature herself, your family is sure to find something amazing here at Cloudland Canyon! Whether you come for the day, or make a camping trip out of it, bring your camera! It's beautiful!


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