Welcome to Trips 'n Toys!

Welcome to Trips 'n Toys!

Today's Math Lesson: BINGO Money

Today's Math Lesson:

You can never go wrong with Bingo as a fun learning tool! We've had this particular game since Bear was a wee one. Granted, I started teaching Bear her basic skills pretty early compared to the others, but that's okay. I'm a firm believer that you let kids move at their own pace for learning. If you've got a one year old ready to play Bingo, then play with them. If your kid isn't ready for counting until much later, then let them take their time.

That's the great thing about games like Bingo. They teach kids fluency in concepts without even having to try. The best form of learning is just to sit down with a skill, even in the form of a game, and just relax and enjoy it.

These Frank Schaffer games are just simple cardboard pieces and cutouts, but if you take care of them and keep them stored properly, they will last. This game here is 15 years old, going on its 4th kid, and most of it still looks brand new. 

And it must work well, because, trust me, my kids know how to spend money! 

Today's Bingo Champ!

(excuse the paint splatters on the table)

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