Welcome to Trips 'n Toys!

Welcome to Trips 'n Toys!

Beachfront Balcony View - Daytona Beach, FL

Chilling for a few minutes on the hotel balcony before hitting the road again...

We enjoyed the solitude of a moonlit walk on the beach when we got in last night, and then we were able to appreciate a few moments of peaceful surf and sand before the hordes of beach-goers started pouring in for the day.

The Daytona area IS beautiful.

And the ability to drive on the beach is fun, unique, and convenient,

But beyond that, I'm not really a fan of Daytona.

If you're 21ish and looking for a good time boozing it up with scantily clad members of the opposite sex, then Daytona is the place for you. When you're 30somethingish with a mini-van full of kids, you can live without the beer cans, and the cat-calling, and the non-stop video-recording as people cruise incessantly up and down the shore in their vehicles with rims and stereo systems that cost more than your entire vacation...

If you are going to be in this particular area with your family, I would personally urge you to consider New Smyrna Beach, or even getting down in to my favorite spot, Canaveral National Seashore. Both places are far more family friendly. They are cleaner, quieter, more relaxed, and phenomenally beautiful to boot.

There is SO much to do at Canaveral if your family enjoys wildlife. (See additional post to be added with more information)

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