Welcome to Trips 'n Toys!

Welcome to Trips 'n Toys!

Manatees! Flamingo and the Florida Bay - Flamingo, FL

Flamingo is located at the Southern Terminus of the Everglades National Park. It is pretty much the southern tip of the entire Florida Peninsula.

The area is great for birding and looking for assorted wildlife. We saw a few folks canoeing and kayaking. These would be awesome ways to explore the natural habitats, including mangrove swamps, sawgrass prairies, ponds, lakes, and the Florida Bay itself.

We were really, REALLY hoping to find an American Crocodile. Sadly, we were not successful, but we did enjoy hanging out with some playful manatees. These gentle giants are such amazing creatures. It's always a great day when you can play with the manatees!  

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