Welcome to Trips 'n Toys!

Welcome to Trips 'n Toys!

Gone Fishin' - Dry Tortugas, FL

Mornings like these...

Hands on experiences, natural encounters...

Pure childhood, pure learning.

How anyone can ever purport book-learning as a superior method to real-world, hands-on experiences is beyond my understanding.

You tell me.

Would you rather read about the food chain on a dry page of a boring old book, or would you rather swim in it as you watch the cycle unfold all around you? 

Small fish nipping at tiny bits, while barracudas stealthily approach. Safety in numbers? Birds dive from above, just as quick as the predator fish split the pack from below.

How about the crab? Where does he fit in?  Watch out for the birds!

360 degrees, every sense engaged...

Hold it in your hand.

Touch, feel, smell. See it. Hear it. You can even taste it.

Lessons learned forever.

When the world is your classroom.

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