Welcome to Trips 'n Toys!

Welcome to Trips 'n Toys!

Surfer's Paradise: Ron Jon Surf Shop - Cocoa Beach, FL

Sometimes on a long trip you just need a place you can stretch your legs and engage some brain cells for a few minutes. When we're cruising through the Space Coast, we HAVE to stop and give the Ron Jon Surf Shop an hour or so of our time.  

These days, there are smaller Ron Jon shops in multiple locations, but this is THE Surf Shop of the Florida Coast. The 52,000 square foot flagship store boasts massive collections of surfboards for sale; as well as all kinds of surf and swim gear, skateboards and skate gear, swimsuits, sunglasses, clothing, bikes, towels, and so much more.

They have a really cool section of shells, starfish, and other ocean finds. I suppose that one little section helps keep this stop "educational" in nature!  Otherwise, Ron Jon is best experienced as a bright, fun, spirited stop.

If you need gear of any kind for your vacation, you'll probably find your highest quality choices in Ron Jon. If you're not looking for an investment, but perhaps you're in the market for cheap souvenirs, they have those as well. Post cards, shot glasses, window clings...  How about jewelry? I know my kids love collecting necklaces, pendants, bracelets, anklets, and rings, made of colorful shells or in the shape of sea turtles, dolphins, or other ocean life. Yep, they have all that!

And, most importantly, THEY DO HAVE PUBLIC BATHROOMS.

They are upstairs in the very back corner of the store, so you literally have to walk by every product on the sales floor to get to them, so it's certainly not a quick in and out pit stop, but it ranks up on the fun scale for memorable pit stops.

It is a two story store, but elevators are available if needed.

Plenty of parking is available behind the shop, and it is free. So, next time you're cruising through Cocoa Beach, and you've seen the million bill boards plastering the entire state of Florida, go on, and give Ron Jon a whirl.

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