Welcome to Trips 'n Toys!

Welcome to Trips 'n Toys!

Tamiami Trail - From Miccosukee to Miami, FL

Random drive-by musings from the Tamiami Trail...

The Tamiami Trail is a 275 mile stretch of US Hwy 41, from SR60 in Tampa to US1 in Miami. Upon it's completed construction in 1928, it was considered a marvel of human engineering for cutting through the rugged, swampy Everglades to connect Florida's East and West coasts.

Since then, the road, which essentially acts as a dam choking off the fresh water supply to the Everglades, has done a great deal of damage to these valuable habitats, with dire consequences to both wildlife and humans.  Modern efforts are underway to raise portions of the road into bridges, freeing the flow of water, thus restoring life and vitality to the region. 

In the mean time, get "off the beaten path" and onto the Tamiami Trail for access to Shark Valley, the Everglades, Miccosukee, Big Cypress, Fakahatchee, and so much more.

We'd definitely love to check out the Miccosukee Indian Village. Unfortunately we got there right at closing time and missed it this trip. But we love perusing Native American Arts & Crafts, and learning about the cultures of different tribes, past and present, so this sounds like something we would really enjoy. I'm not sure the kids would enjoy the alligator wrestling, but reviews seem to indicate that part is easily skipped in exchange for enjoying all of the other onsite activities.

And who doesn't love a good hokie tourist attraction? Skunk Apes, anyone? Next time we're down in Ochopee, we're definitely going to hit up the Skunk Ape Research Center. Sounds like these guys have quite a story to tell!

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